Sony Repairs

This is not a Sony Playstation Service

Please note: ‘at present’ we do not do ‘full’ repairs just yet, only the ones mentioned below and on a cases to case basis, but we intend to add more and more repairs when possible …

ALL REPAIRS Pricing listed on this page, assume everything else works
ALL repairs that require connector replacement are not guaranteed
It will depend on the state of the PCB!

We do not do any other repair at present, but please ask – you never know!



Playstation 4 - PS4 Repair

Playstation 4 – PS4 Repair

Playstation 4 – PS4

HDMI socket Replacement £. 49
Above repair assumes PS4 Powers up BLUE then goes WHITE – we will test this before we start a HDMI Port Repair

We will not repair a PS4 with previously attempted repair – mostly have ruined tracks. and would require a lot more time and might not result fixed.


Spares are usually in stock


PRICES may change from those listed here, to reflect market changes








This page may not be updated quickly enough, we encourage you to enquire.

If by any chance after preliminary examination the repair may take longer and/or parts are more expensive than usual,
and / or someone already attempted a failed repair, we may have to revise the device repair cost for the Laptop Tablet based on what we found and how much longer it would take to do it professionally.