GHD Repairs Durham

We do not repair GHD from version 6 – i.e. GHD6 GHD7 GHD8 upwards
They are impossible to work with and there are no spares available to us

We do not repair Cloud Nine or any other make and we suggest you to get a New or Second hand GHD – as long as models are within 3 and 5 – they are all repairable around £. 25

We STRONGLY suggest you to keep your old GHD 3 GHD4 GHD5 and keep repairing it or buy up to version 5, we are hoping Manufacturer starts to re-manufacture GHD4 and GHD 5.
They do not last less because they are older, although some degradation is possible!

We have many customers happily still using GHD 3.0 !

Most repairs are done the same day,
if we are not too busy and you bring it in the morning.

Please STOP using it if you have intermittent on-off and/or it is crackling.
It may cause MORE damage and therefore the bill will be higher and it can be dangerous too. - GHD Straightener Repair – GHD Straightener Repair


All repairs are PAT tested

Cost of repair is around £. 25 and it rarely goes higher unless user has continued to use their GHD while it was intermittent or attempted a repair, causing far more damage.

The highest repair cost we ever had was £. 37 – are you the one to beat that?
We hope not – STOP using it as soon as it start misbehaving – it usually saves ‘you’ around £. 10 over a standard repair.


GHD REPAIRS DURHAM – GHD repair for £25 Durham

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