Dyson Repair Service

DYSON Vacuum Cleaner Professional Repair Service

We are backed up by the largest Appliance Spares Suppliers in the UK since 1993

Please note: we do not repair some models, dues to lack or too expensive spare parts or simply ‘too fiddly plastic’ and too much time spent on it – sorry:

DC24, DC25, DC40, DC50 and all other with the ‘sphere’ too – to AVOID at all costs – the more ‘standard’ look the longer will last!

Also any cordless battery operated ones

MSelectrical.co.uk - Dyson Repair Service

MSelectrical.co.uk – Dyson Repair Service

Standard health Service checks are:

1. Visual inspection for worn-out or broken parts

2. Air Conduits (hoses/metal tubes/pipes/etc.) Filters

3. Belt & ‘Brush roller or agitator lubrication’ where needed

4. Motor tested & mains cable + plug – includes PAT check


Please note: we only stock most common spares – there are over 10,000 Dyson parts now = impossible to have full stock!

your ‘mains’ appliances need to be PAT checked and you should make sure your appliance repairer does that with PAT checker ‘regularly’ calibrated every year.

We would not be surprised if Life / Accident Insurances would not pay out, because it was not PAT checked – even if it was not your fault!