Cable on Demand

You might have noticed our prices on ‘some’ cables, like Apple devices, etc. are generally a ‘few Pounds’ more than you would find on the Internet or Markets or ‘some’ Mobile shops.

Well, there is a ‘clear logic’ reason for it.

We, Electronics Technicians tend to try and find ‘better’ compatible alternatives to ‘dubious quality’ goods coming from China – it is who we are (or were!) – Therefore our cables can be a little more expensive
We also sell Apple LICENSED cables that are better than the Apple Original ones and longer too!

Mostly when a cable lasts not long is the ‘user’ that keeps pulling it until it breaks (us too!).

Sometime is the quality of compatible ones and that is what we ‘try’ to do – sell better compatible cables at slightly higher price than the ‘dubious’ ones!

Having said that, we cannot guarantee they are the best as we do not produce them! - Cable on Demand – Cable on Demand

Cables made on Demand when possible

We stock a vast range of pre-cut leads for:

ADSL, Audio, Coaxial, Network [cat5], Power, RF, etc.

Mains extensions are stocked and some can be made on demand and all is PAT tested

XLR microphone cable