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If you wish to communicate with us, our Communicate Page is always best – try it!

On the phone mostly in the afternoon, unless we are busy – just leave a message – we hear them all and call you back, once again web-form becomes best way.

If you do not leave a message we cannot call you, unless there is time.

Thank you

LCD Replacement & GHD Repairs are usually carried out within 1H if no other faults present or if we are not too busy

While-you-wait repairs are not normally available at MS Electrical, although for GHD Straighteners Repairs, iPhone 5 iPhone 6 LCD Replacement, etc.and as long as no other problems are found are usually done within the hour if received from 9am to 1 hour before shop closure – depending on number or repairs on that day.

You cannot rush repairs – we do not, because we take ‘care’ of your gadgets!





No problem, we can repair it for you


iPhone Laptop Screen Repair

iPhone Laptop Screen Repair

We mainly do Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tablets, but other enquiries are welcome.
We also replace Apple Mac Laptops screens – when parts are available.



Please note: often Laptops with non working LCD, may have GPU problems rather than the LCD faulty and we can usually repair that too for you.

Other times the motherboard needs replacing or Graphics chip [GPU] needs replacing = costly!